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Looking for baking recipes from all around the world? Perfect! You are at the right place.

PaTESSerie is a bakingblog with a lot of sweet and savoury baking recipes from all around the world. The most delicious cakes, tarts, breads, drinks or desserts, you will find it here. And what about Chocolate? Well…. I am an addict. I admit.

Launched in 2014 as a place to write down my favourite recipes, this blog is now growing quickly and is a favourite place for women (and men!) between 18-65 years looking for delicious international baking-related recipes. Meanwhile PaTESSerie is travelling and baking around the world looking for more!

Who is the baker behind PaTESSerie?

Profiel ChocoM
That’s me, Tessa!

I grew up in the Frisian Province of The Netherlands. As soon as I could hold a pen, I started writing down recipes in a beautiful notebook. In 2008 I decided to change my life in a drastic way. I went on a worldtrip with my BFF Alie for almost 2 years and decided to follow my passion. Back home in the Netherlands I took courses with the famous Dutch Master Patissier and Master Boulanger Robèrt van Beckhoven, kept on travelling with BFF Alie and together we decided in 2014 to sell all our stuff and move to the Ecuadorian Coast. Since then life never has been the same! We have our base in Puerto López, a quiet and relaxed fishing village on the Pacific Coast, but from there we travel around the word. Me mostly baking and Alie looking for the best Travel Hotspots. The recipes on the blog are baked by me, Alie likes to do the eating and testing 😉 , and all photo’s are my own (not something to be proud of all the time, but hey at least I made them myself :-D) . If I used a recipe from someone else you’ll see the credits of that. Oh… and I still love notebooks.

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